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The A (H1N1) virus Swine flu virus infection has now climbed steadily over the week-end to 21,940 cases according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), who are monitoring the situation, with Mexico, USA, and Canada as the worst affected countries. Saudi Arabia having their first case of Swine flu, bringing the total number of Countries to 69.

The WHO scale of infection through 1-6, has reached 5, one short of a full scale pandemic.

What are the effects of this particular flu and how does it manifest itself, and how do we prevent swine flu?

This strain of flu is the same strain as the Spanish Flu in 1918 which killed between 50-100 million people with mortality rates up to 90%. With the significant increase in worldwide population since this time, and global interaction, this would equate to over 300 million at today's figures!

Strangely, it infected young children, men and women aged between 25 and 35 in the prime of their life and those with a pre-existing medical condition, the old and infirm.

So, why is it so deadly, and what can we learn from past events. This strain of flu, similar to the Spanish Flu has the ability to turn a person's immune system inside-out. Breathing becomes impossible as it eats up the victims lungs, causing acute respiratory distress syndrome known as Cytokine Storm.

Normally most of the population has some immunity to flu strains and recognise them as such. But, with a new strain, the body has no idea how to cope with it, and goes into overdrive to try to shut it down as
quickly as possible, hence the storm, an overreaction really.


The 'Storm' really is reference to the severity of the condition as in chaotic weather events, where the fury of nature is released uncontrollably, so the word 'storm' has no medical connotation. The Cytokine does.... and it's alarming. So what does Cytokine mean, in layman's terms, and simply, what effect does it have in our bodies?

They are important let's say elements of the immune system that act as messengers or couriers if you like between cells. The immune system latches on to a virus that it has not seen before or does not recognise is in the case of H1N1 and all hell breaks loose releasing a cascade of biochemical's, such as interferon, and interleukin, really overacting, causing respiratory distress similar to Asthma but much worse. Consequently, the lungs self ingest, suffocating the victim as a result of the body's reaction.

I have seen some references to it as the Purple Death which signals the lack of oxygen in the body.

So how we can help ourselves to prevent swine flu?

What we have to remember is that viruses can survive for up to three days, so they can hang about where you least expect them.

As we all know now coughs and sneezes spreads diseases, so my mother used to drill into me, and how true today with a pandemic imminent. There are some basic hygiene rules to follow to prevent swine flu.

• Cover each Cough and Sneeze with a tissue, bin it then wash ones hands as soon as possible. The virus can linger on door handles, elevator buttons, toilet flush handles,

• The virus can linger on door handles, elevator buttons, toilet flush handles, store trolley handles, even on your car steering wheel. Computer keyboards and TV remote control stations.

• In our Gym there are antiseptic wipe dispensers for first aid and personal use, mainly though to wipe down a machine after use. So why not keep a box in your car to wipe down your steering wheel (recommended), and all items of equipment manually controlled. Researchers have found that it is more beneficial to wipe one small area at a time and then throw the wipe away, used on multi surfaces can spread viruses very effectively.

For more information on how to prevent swine flu and optimise your immune system, follow me in my next blog.

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Prevent Swine Flu

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This article was published on 2010/04/01